A letter poured in today

See that item over there circled in red? It’s a front-page promo in the Albany (NY) Times Union published today, informing readers that Capitol Bureau reporter Jim Odato’s weekly column was about an outpouring of letters supporting leniency in the upcoming sentencing of a local convicted politician.

Problem? The promo-writer apparently hadn’t read Odato’s column very closely. His opening paragraphs said: “At least one seasoned prosecutor has told a federal judge why Joseph L. Bruno should be spared of prison despite being convicted of two felony fraud charges. …  Her letter is one of four sent to [Judge Gary] Sharpe since the U.S. Attorney’s Office called for a sentence of 97 months.” (emphasis mine)

Further problem: Of the four, two were pushing for leniency, two were pushing for a full sentence, according to Odato. So, despite the front-page promo, a grand total of two letters so far have asked for leniency.

The two pro-leniency letters were written by the former district attorney in Bruno’s home county (and a former assistant to his son, Ken Bruno, when he was the DA) and actor/popoff Charles Grodin who likes ex-State Senate Majority Leader Bruno because he thinks he was helpful in getting pardons for a couple of convicts he wanted to see released.


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Webmaster/social media coordinator for the Southern Rensselaer County NY Rotary Club.

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