Cap Region cops often a force of farce

After promising myself to take the summer off from blogging on this site, I had to reverse my field. The question of what the hell is it about cops in the Capital Region of our befuddled state made my do so.

The laughing stock known as the Schenectady force has an almost-daily revelation of misconduct, often of a personal-behavior nature — pelting citizens with eggs, getting into bar fights, harassing ex’s, the former police chief and his wife being intimately involved with a drug ring.

Albany city cops have been revealed to have amused themselves by taking free meals from a now-indicted restaurateur while allowing him to be a parking ticket scofflaw and sell alcohol to underage drinkers. And others on the same force got their jollies buying illegal automatic weapons they had confiscated over the years.

The Rensselaer city force used to be as big a joke as Schenectady’s, but that at least has calmed down in the past couple of years. Now we have a Troy city cop, who doesn’t live in the city as required by statute, who may have been involved in a DWI incident that was covered up by a suburban cop helping a buddy in blue. And, of course, the city won’t talk about the incident because it characterizes it as a “personnel matter.” Which is bullshit. It’s a criminal matter. If you or I had been under scrutiny, they would gladly have talked about it. And talked and talked.

We have, unfortunately, gotten to the point at which the doomsayers who see our society crumbling have to be given their due. With a clearly non-functioning state legislature full of greedy cretins, a probe into voter fraud allegedly involving numerous members of the Troy City Council and city government, a do-nothing Rensselaer County legislature not worthy of the paint to put its name on a door, and you have to be excused for wailing in frustration and fear.

As the late satirical cartoonist Walt Kelly said in his long-gone strip “Pogo,” “We have met the enemy and he is us.”


About Bill Dowd

Webmaster/social media coordinator for the Southern Rensselaer County NY Rotary Club.

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