Getting it off their chests

The city of Guelph, in Ontario, is known primarily for three things — a vibrant indie rock music scene, its large number of Victorian style buildings, and its passion for lawn bowling.

However, some residents — and visitors with a cause — want it to be known for two things: women’s breasts.

The great breast movement … uh, topless outburst … demand that women be treated equally when it comes to baring their chests as men may do with impunity has led to protest actions, legal demands and an upcoming court case that may test the support … uh, the uplifting … uh,  whether they can overcome generations of societal frowning (perhaps even while peeking) on uncovered epidermal areas.

Go here for a video of a topless day’s activities in Guelph. (Scene from same shown above.)

Or, for the sake of context, see this excerpt from the agonizing Emmy Awards red carpet interview conducted with “Mad Men” co-star Christina Hendricks by a ludicrously childish questioner.


About Bill Dowd

Webmaster/social media coordinator for the Southern Rensselaer County NY Rotary Club.

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