CDPHP reaching down deeeep .. into our pockets

Proposed new logo.

Proposed new logo.

A bulky envelope, bearing the green logo of the Capital District Physicians Health Plan, arrived in my mailbox today. It contained the dreaded “Annual Notice of Changes and Evidence of Coverage” for those of us enrolled in the insurance company’s Medicare program — formally known as “CDPHP Choice Rx (HMO).”

That’s a lot of letters that could more simply be put this way: You’re Screwed. Again.

In terms I’ve stripped of all the CDPHP verbiage meant to soften the blow, here’s what CDPHP tells us is going to happen to the fees we pay, as of the beginning of 2015:

• Medicare Part B chemotherapy drugs: from zero to $35.
• Medicare Part B other drugs: from zero to $35.
• Monthly premium: up 18%.
• Maximum out-of-pocket amount: up 60%.
• Ambulance services: up 250%.
• Emergency services: up 30%.
• Inpatient hospital care: up 82%.
• Inpatient mental health care: up 82%.
• Mental health services: up 20%.
• Occupational therapy services: up 67%.
• Other health care professional services: up 25%.
• Outpatient ambulatory surgery: up 100%.
• Outpatient laboratory tests: up 25%.
• Outpatient diagnostic radiology (X-rays, CT, MRI, radiation therapy): up 67%.
• Outpatient hospital services: up 300%.
• Outpatient susbstance abuse services: up 20%.
• Physical therapy and speech-language pathology services: up 67%.
• Podiatry-Medicare covered: up 20%.
• Primary care physician services: up 33%.
• Psychiatric services: up 20%.
• Renal dialysis: up 20%.
• Routine eye exams: up 20%.
• Routine hearing exams: up 20%.
• Skilled nursing facility: up 29%.
• Doctor office visits (primary care): up 33%.
• Doctor office visits (specialists): up 20%.
• Specialists services: up 20%.
• Worldwide emergency coverage: up 30%.

In addition, the co-pays for a one-month supply of prescription drugs is going up this way:

• Tier 2 (non-preferred generic drugs): up 37.5%.
• Tier 3 (preferred brand drugs): up 12.5%.
• Tier 4 (non-preferred brand drugs): 5.6%.
• Tier 5 (specialty drugs): up 10%.

I can imagine that something along the same lines is going on with all other CDPHP insurance plans as well. And, perhaps with all sorts of other plans across the country. Sadly, I thought our government entities that insist on weaseling their way into every facet of our lives would have noticed this as quickly as they notice our private e-mails and images and moved to protect us from such usury. Silly me.


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