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Peace in our time


He says Hasbien, I say has-been

If you ever wanted to really specialize in some field of employment, don’t move too quickly.

It may be better to be a generalist, as this video shows.

Why do you think we have umbrellas?

From our Correspondent on Charon (*):

You Earthlings make such a big deal about looking for water all over the solar system. The latest Big Whoop is from some of your astronomers who say the supersonic plumes of gas and dust shooting off Enceladus, one of Saturn’s moons, provide strong hints of liquid water.

Like there’s something new about that tidbit of knowledge.

Next they’ll be guessing that the plumes move faster than the speed of sound. First grade stuff here on Charon. We don’t find it such a big deal; more of a big annoyance. Our home orb isn’t the biggest thing around, so when one of those huge Saturnian moons starts spitting out stuff all over the place it gets pretty messy.

You Earthlings might call this stuff a key building block of life. We just consider it something to avoid.


(*) A moon of Pluto.